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{April 29, 2008}   Cheats For GTA IV (PS3)


Circle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle, L1, R1, L2, R2. —-Any truck with trailer

R1, L2, R2, L1, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down. —–CopTriangle,

Left, Right, Circle, X, Up, Down. —–Drink beer

R1(2), L1, R2, Triangle, Left, Right, Square. ——Fly in the air

R1, L1, L2, Square, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right. —— Health

X, Circle, Circle, R1, Square, L1, Triangle. ——-Helicopter

Up, Down, L2, R1, X, L1(2), Right, Left, Up. ——-Listen to Back On My Grizzy in car

R2(2), Up, Circle, L1, L2, Down, Triangle, R1, Right(2).Listen to Crank That SouljaBoy in car

Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, Triangle, Up. —Lock wanted levelUp,

Down, L1, L2, Left, Right, R1, R2, Square ——– Money

L1, Circle, X, R1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X. –Monster Truck

R1, Circle(2), L2, R2, Triangle, X, L1, Right. ——Never die

R1, Circle, L1, X, Left, Down, L2, Up. ——- Smoke

Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle(2), Left, Right.——– Tank

Square, Circle, X(3), Triangle, Square, Circle(3). —–Unlimited bullets

Square, Left, R2, Down(2), L1, Up, Circle. ——Unlimited money

cheats will be updated for xbox360 soon.


Your site is insteresting I bookmark it.and come back again.

haranded says:

thank you

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