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{May 6, 2008}   Bride rejects groom for poor maths

GOPALGANJ: Mathematics is tough for many, everybody knows. But what if it starts to tell on the nuptial bonds, then it becomes painful.

It may appear strange, but it is true and this happenned in Bhore of Gopalganj district where a bride rejected her groom as he failed to solve a simple mathematical puzzle of four and three during a marriage ceremony there.

It so happenned that the marriage of Sarita Kumari, daughter of Vishwanath Prasad of Jagtauli village in Bhore police station, was fixed with Tinku, a resident of Karom village in Siwan district. The `baraat’ party reached the bride’s house and all the rituals were performed by the women of the family.

Tinku was taken inside for marriage and then things went topsy turvy for the bridegroom. Some of the women asked him to give answer to sum of three and four. And Tinku failed to solve the simple mathematical puzzle.

When the bride came to know that her would-be husband could not solve such a simple question, she refused to marry him and left the mandup. Both the families sat together and tried to solve the problem. And finally, the girl agreed to marry Pintu, Tinku’s younger brother. And the marriage was solemnised three days after. And poor Tinku had to return empty-handed.


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