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{May 11, 2008}   GTA IV Smashes Sales Records

In an “oops” moment, the New York Times let slip just how well Grand Theft Auto IV‘s first week of sales were. Though, some thought the numbers to be inflated, or not precise. Today Take-Two has confirmed the astounding numbers.

So just how well did GTA IV do in sales? Surely not better than Halo 3‘s first week, right? Wrong. Not only did Rockstar’s gritty crime epic surpass Master Chief’s previous record, it demolished it by around $200 million, gaining a total of $500 million for the initial week of sales. That is half a billion dollars, for one week. This equates to 6 million copies of the game being sold, with 3.6 million being sold on the first day alone.

This is no doubt a strong statement to the entertainment industry. What does it mean for the future of interactive entertainment? Will it have ramifications on the music, or movie industry that have never seen a release like this? What about the talks of EA’s hostile takeover of Take-Two?

We all knew Grand Theft Auto IV would kill in the markets, but garnering a $500 million profit in one week sets a whole new standard for the industry’s potential. We will have to wait and see the effect this monster release has on gaming as a whole.


xtremegamerx says:

I really enjoyed reading this post. GTA IV is a pretty killer game and I for one am pretty stoked about it.

Leave it to Rock Star with their controversial titles to demolish old sales records time after time.

I wrote a book that you may be interested in.

In fact I even went and put up a special discount page to celebrate the release of Grand Theft Auto 4.

If you have a few minutes go ahead and check it out.



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