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{August 1, 2008}   Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008 Part III

Resistance 2

The big PlayStation 3 breakout title that just wasn’t enough reason to buy the $500 console, Resistance: Fall of Man was the PS3’s first great first person shooter. It did everything any FPS fan could ask for, and developer Insomniac Games’ experience with the PS3 is really starting to pay off. Resistance 2 goes deeper into Nathan Hale’s story, this time in the US fighting off the Chimera with an elite squad of soldiers just like him to save the flag, liberty, and hopefully himself. Diagnosed with only a short time to live, Hale has to not only fix all the wrongs and hoist the flag at full mast, but make sure we’re all having fun while doing it. Don’t worry, 60 player online gameplay is enough to wet our appetite.

Far Cry 2

OK, so the first Far Cry wasn’t so great. It wasn’t bad, that’s for sure. But it wasn’t great. Far Cry 2 is Crytek’s true vision for the first one, where players have a whole giant area to do basically whatever they want. Far Cry didn’t have it, Crysis partially had it, and Far Cry 2 promises to be the most realistic open environment ever implemented in a game. Not only is the environment open, the gameplay is too. Because our hero (or anti-hero, whatever you want to be) is infected with a disease that will kill him shortly, so finding a cure by taking up jobs to earn money or find clues to his infector’s whereabouts. Make friends and enemies, invade villages…do whatever you want. This is the ultimate open world environment. Think GTA IV in the jungles of Africa an amazing graphics and physics engine, destructible everything and the ability to do anything.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The only game in this lineup that isn’t a sequel (technically…there’s no number attached to the name), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed looks like the penultimate Star Wars game. Think Dark Forces with even more badass powers, being Darth Vader’s apprentice and traveling the galaxy either wreaking havoc…or wreaking havoc. Putting together Euphoria, Digital Molecular Matter and the Havok physics engine, the next-gen versions of S(W)TFU (yes, you get it) look like some of the most awesome gaming ever. Then there’s the Wii version, with online sword battling and dueling using the Wiimote. PSP and DS versions are also around to work off of, so no matter who you are or which console you own (except for a PC…shucks) you can go home happy with a little more sith than usual.

Thanks pcgameworld.com

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Cricket says:

I’m waiting for the new Prince of Persia. The art direction for that game looks cool.

Our site, NERDSOCIETY.com covered Comic Con and maybe you’ll enjoy this video. We interviewed Yoda, Jack Sparrow, and comic book fans.

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