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{August 6, 2008}   Net gridlock by 2010

It is predicted that the Consumer demand for bandwidth intensive contents like yotube videos could see the internet running out of capacity as early as 2010.At present therer are 1.3bn users connected to the internet worldwide.US analyst firm Nemertes Research predicted a drastic slowdown as the network struggles to cope with the amount of data being carried on it. It expects around $137bn globally might be needed to upgrade the network infrastructure.

According to research by measurement firm comScore nearly 75% of US internet users watched an average of 158 minutes of online video and viewed more than 8.3bn video streams during May. Nemertes estimates around $42bn might be required to upgrade the network in US to cope up with the demand.

“We must take the necessary steps to build out network capacity or potentially face internet gridlock that could wreak havoc on internet services,” said Larry Irving, co-chairman of the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) which campaigns for universal broadband in the US. .

At the moment the Fibre Optic cables used in the backbone network can handle only 10gbps which is equivalent to 400 HDTV streams. But the consumers demanding more HDTV contents with surround sound is on the rise. Companies like Nortels, Cisco and Infusion claim they have a solution for this. They claim that their device can be used to increase the capacity upto 10 times with the current network infrastructure.
This means the proto-type device can handle upto 100Gbps which is equivalent to 4000 HDTV streams.


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