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{August 22, 2008}   RuneScape in Guinness World Records!

RuneScape has entered the record books this week. The game has been recognised as the most popular free MMORPG in the world for the second year in a row, with a certificate awarded by Guinness World Records. That’s one record that Usain Bolt didn’t manage to get!

The presentation took place at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, where RuneScape has been showcasing RuneScape HD.

Source : http://www.runescape.com

julian says:

its no wonder with 135million player.

po0dle99 says:

135 million where from 134.5 million are idle

carl says:

lol dude there is more then 30million people in Highscores that arent idle. so stfu and dont hate on the greatest game in the history of games.

Lol says:

“lol dude there is more then 30million people in Highscores that arent idle. so stfu and dont hate on the greatest game in the history of games.”

dude there can only be 2 million in the hi scores 😛 but yea there are a lot more playing then just making accs.

Joe says:

that i agree very much LOL

Runezy says:

ffs… half of those accs are pplz ‘Pures’ and other accs. almost 80% of ppl that play runescape that are low lvl have “maines” of like 60+cb.

torma says:

na really
more than 60m per week?
so0dle just shut up when you dont have the figures.

runescape_player says:

no, 134.5 is incorrect because they terminate accoutns after so long of not being played, but its inacurate because any one person that plays can have more than one account. so it is a two-way street on that statement. Get ur shit right before running your mouth next time please ❤

adragonlord says:

I think its 3.5 bil with 2bil idle now

Kid X says:

They’re counting the people that DID pay for membership. This isn’t true at all

Danny says:

Fake, this shit is all fake, runescape never has more than 100k players on at the same time >.> fucking Jagex with their fake crap

anon says:

idiotfag is idiot. theres been 220,000 people on at once. just because you havnt seen it doesnt make it true.

Lunar says:

It’s real. and yes, maybe people do have multiple accounts, but its not by much.

Lol says:

@Danny they have 116k playing now ffs

Lol says:

and @danny its 11:30 PM meaning some ppl arent up Haha./

im lvl 101 on runescape its best game in the world 😛 if you dont like just dont talk on the website

gods killa says:

theres 700m accs on runescape, obviously most of which are not active

Awesome job on this website. Enjoying it a lot haha.

Favorited! =P

yogi says:

its an outstanding,fantabulous amazing,outstanding,unbeatalbe record maker game.all i can sya is there r no words to express about this game.all i can say is speechless……… jagex is hoped to maintain sch records in games in future also……adb jagex

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