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{August 25, 2008}   99 Defense In Runescape

Finally maxed out melee in runescape. Got my defense level on 21/08/08.


dylan says:

hey man nice

jordyn says:

hey can you get my defence up to 99 please

thanx from

pker 2 melee says:

omg that is sik blub

zack99362 says:

hey man that’s pretty sick… umm i was wondering where u trained at for so long to get ur combat lvls… or all the places you have trained at, ty very much. add me everyone my name in rs is zack99362

nice very nice im geting 99 strength

muriel says:

eu keria uma conta pelo menos 59conbate ou 63 poraai ou mais alta se tu pudesse me dar uma dessa me adiciona no msn muriel_cc@hotmail.com porfavor me dauma conta boa kalker uma mas com bastante coiza dinheiro se poder me dauma conta mais o menas boa

pk666 says:

nice stats how i get 99 def 99 str 99 att 99 hp fast everthing 99

suckmydick says:

omggg dude ur soo shitt its lkike unbeliveable my nany could own u omggggg

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