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{September 12, 2008}   So Far In Runescape !

Its almost one year gone, since Jagex removed the wildy people started ” Just get to it” . I just wonder why the big space they made for wilderness goes waste. If you look at the Runescape Map, you can see how big the old wilderness was. This week Jagex came with an update on clan wars, nothing special with this update. Because every single pker is waiting for the PVP update like it was in Runescape Classic.

Since im a pker, i consider Runescape Money Making is just like another skill, because i make cash from pking. Runescape Bot is a small program which can train your character, fish, mine etc. I do get bored of the bots because its annoying and some people make cash easy that way. Eagerly waiting for the PVP Update ! Hope Jagex dont fail this time. And i hope the update comes before christmas, since they have their own christmas update.


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