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{October 12, 2008}   The Most Awaited Runescape Update !!!!!!

The most awaited Runescape update for almost 1 year has almost come to an end. Yeh, the PVP update.This update is considered to be one of the good way for Runescape Money Making . And Jagex also mentioned this update is really good for pkers to make money. To avoid the RWT, the reward will be given depending on the items your enemy lost at the time of his death.

After Jagex took the wildy off, most of the players didnt use the Runescape Map. They only used it for the quest purpose. Runehq is one of good website that provides tips and tricks for Runescape.

The October update says :

PvP Worlds

” Ever found yourself wanting to say, “Look, it’s my tree. If you don’t stop chopping it…I’ll chop you!” Sounds cool, right? Yeah, but where could you do it? And when? The answers are PvP worlds and October!


hi dis s aravinthan selu’s frnd..i also started blogin..i jus vist u site..

aced4life says:

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