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{March 6, 2009}   13B Movie Review


13B is an engaging horror film with a premise one can relate to. The movie has a number of aces up its sleeve. First and foremost is its identifiable urban, upper middle-class setting. The location and dialogues are straight from our daily lives. Thankfully, someone has finally taken Bollywood horror out of the village temples and haunted mansions. There are no tantrik babas or shlokas – instead the director chooses to explain the paranormal using laws of physics.

The direction is convincing and the camera does the talking but like most horror films, the back-story behind all the mystery is not as engaging as the sequences leading to it.

Verdict: In a season of big budget turkeys, this relatively small film comes as a surprise. 13B has got its share of weaknesses, but succeeds in giving you the goose bumps on more than one occasion.


Ahsan says:

13 b is cool movie … especially the acting is realy good.

simra says:

ive seen tht movie and i loved it. its nt like all other horror movies its diffrent

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