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{January 25, 2010}   Rear spoilers

Many times when a driver is on the market for a spoiler, they want to go with something that matches the body-style of their ride. Factory spoilers represent the look and shape of a spoiler if you were to purchase it directly from the OEM. Every factory spoiler we offer comes from expert manufacturers who use the most advanced methods to ensure a precise design and fit to go along with your model’s specs. The advantage of a factory spoiler is once one is installed, it appears as if your model rolled of the line with it already in place. That is the effect most drivers are after. It’s also why factory spoilers are a crucial part of our selection at CARiD. Custom Spoilers & Wings After a tasteful touch of aerodynamic class? Lip Spoilers bring a subtle yet defining accent to the back of your vehicle.

What has made lip spoilers such a hotly-desired choice is the versatile nature in which they represent. Lip Spoilers peer off the rear of your car, truck, or SUV without being too tall or wide. Instead, a lip spoiler reveals a sleek silhouette that is as sharp as it is shapely. The style and fit is just right. It doesn’t make a difference if you pound the pavement in a low-slung roadster or smoothly cruise in a suave luxury car, the right lip spoiler will look comfortable and at home on any ride.


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