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{May 7, 2010}   XBOX Bundles

Xbox 360 is respected by many as a “proper games console”. Buying an Xbox 360 you can be certain you’ll get the best games, earliest releases, and with few glitches, more downloadable content and better online multiplayer experiences: not to mention having a huge back catalogue of compatible titles spanning almost 10 years is just another reason to buy an Xbox 360. Out of all the consoles, the graphics and user interface are second to none. Microsoft provide regular updates to their legendary user interface (the Xbox dashboard). Right now, it has a duke box look similar to Windows Vista where screens are stacked in 3D space axis, from -Z to +Z. Personally this is the best Xbox 360 interface I’ve ever seen.

When reviewing Xbox 360 bundles, the number of free Xbox 360 games and additional hardware included can make the best Xbox 360 deals stand out. Xbox 360 Elite 250GB bundles look to have superseded the Xbox 360 Elite 120GB. Xbox 360 elite console offers should be cheaper on lower gigabyte Xbox 360 consoles.

Choosing a good Xbox 360 game can be hit and miss. Mixed reviews, time of the month and other top Xbox 360 game releases can coincide, which often prevent top games making it to the best selling status. One way to check is look at a few different shops to compare the top selling Xbox 360 games, to pick a good one.


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