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{August 25, 2008}   99 Defense In Runescape

Finally maxed out melee in runescape. Got my defense level on 21/08/08.


{August 7, 2008}   Runescape Bounty Hunter

This is my runescape bounty hunter dm’s. Ill add more soon, when i get time.

{August 1, 2008}   My Runescape BH Gallery

Ever since i started playing Runescape, the massive multi player online role playing game and stands 4th in MMORPG in the world. I started playing this gameĀ  from 2002 , i really never tried to bring up my non combat skills. I pked alone, i went pk with my friends and my clan. Now atleast im a good pker, since jagex took off the wildy, now i should call myself a good BH’er.Here’s my few bh kills i got this month, theres alot but ill put very few.

Ill be adding more pictures soon and a small guide about no arming in bounty hunter.

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